Best toys to bring along to the beach for your children

Playing with your kids is a lot of fun, but your living room and playroom both have their limitations. There is nothing quite like going outside and enjoying some fresh air while letting your children play freely yet under your supervision. A trip to the park is great, but the park is always right around the corner. For most families, though, the beach is a more adventurous destination that can be full of opportunities for the family to play new games and for children to discover lots of new things. To make the most out of the experience of going to the beach, here are some of the best toys you can bring along with you for your kids.

Sand toy set

A sand toy set is the most logical choice for first place on this list. Your kids might already be familiar with sand if there are sandboxes at their local park or if you have one in your backyard. However, if they are not, they are in for a treat and for a better overall experience with the sand toy set. Let them discover how to make shapes in the sand using molds, collect sand using the shovel, spade, and bucket. Dig holes and build sand castles. The fun is nearly endless with something so seemingly simple yet so entertaining.

Inflatable balls

Ball games never get old, and sand and water provide new terrain for different games than the ones your kids may be used to. While they are in the water, they can play passing the ball as if it were volleyball or just rolling it around on the surface of the water. In the sand, it’s the perfect oppportunity for some beach volleyball, football, or just passing the ball. These inflatable balls are light as air and can bounce quite a lot without much effort, so fun is guaranteed whether in the water or in the sand.


A wagon might not seem like much entertainment at first, but think of the possibilities as if you were a child again for a second. An outdoor utility wagon comes in handy at the beach to transport all your toys somewhere else. If you embark on a big project like building the greatest sand castle ever, you may need to collect materials and take them to your building site. Moreover, your sand toy set can be really helpful in giving your castle its finishing touches. A beach wagon can help you pick it up, along with some more sand and shells to keep building.


Last but not least, a trip to the beach isn’t complete without some fun and games in the water, which kids cannot engage in safely without taking some proper safety measures. Supervision from parents is always necessary, just as a pair of floats is too even if the children know how to swim. Wearing floats will give kids more freedom to play without worrying about getting into the deeper parts of the water, and bringing along a different floating toy like a bed, a donut, or even a noodle can make for some creative fun and games in the water.

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