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Hiking With The Family; a Great Activity for the Outdoors

Nowadays, kids rarely go out as often as they used to. This is according to a research conducted in the U.S. According to the research results, Kids spend way too much time glued to their iPads or playing video games on their PlayStation consoles. This is not only unhealthy but also detrimental to their mental growth. As such, I am a strong believer that kids should spend as much time in the outdoors as possible.


Hiking is the perfect way to get your kids out and about. It is also relatively cheap as you don’t need too many complicated gadgets to make hiking great. All you need to do is get your family together and plan for the hike. Great hiking trips are well planned from the beginning. The idea here is to avoid the all too common mistake of forgetting some essential things that you might need on the hike.

Well, I am sure you might be wondering what to carry on your hike and what to leave behind. The answer to this is that it varies. It will depend on what kind of family you have, for example, if you have toddlers, you might need to carry pampers with you. However, there are some lightweight gear that is essential when hiking, speaking of lightweight, make sure you get the absolute best lightweight hiking shoes for your whole family.


Backpacks are essential as you will definitely have to carry several items with you. They are especially handy if you have kids and want to carry some snacks with you. A good backpack should be light and strong. There are many sizes, so chose one that accommodates everything comfortably. Gets your kids small backpacks too, and have them carry their own water and snacks too. This will get them into the hiking spirit and give them the all too valuable experience

Hiking Boots

Hiking is only awesome if you are comfortable when walking. Avoid the common setbacks of improvised foot ware by getting proper hiking shoes. Trust me, you don’t want to end up with blisters on your feet. Good hiking shoes should be comfortable and fitting.

First Aid box

This is a must have item. I am not saying you will use it, but it is best to have it if need be. Inside, you can carry any medications that you take, am talking about things like inhalers in case you are asthmatic.

Water bottles

Getting thirsty is guaranteed, especially if you are hiking in summer. So carry enough water for the hike. Poor hydration tends to get people cranky, which spoils the hiking mood. Or you can get one of those water filters, we recommend the following best backpacking water filter.

Enjoy the nature

The last point on the checklist should be to enjoy the nature as you hike. It’s a good idea to let the kids experiment around with different things as long as it’s safe. Children, especially get excited by small insects and animals. So let them gaze and play around with them. Chose a good site to have your picnic, somewhere with a great view would be awesome. Having tasty snacks with the fragrance of nature in the background is one of the best moments you can have on your hike. And as a rule, don’t forget to take pictures for your album.

Here are some very good tips on planning a hike with kids.